An RPG Con for East Texas

Based in Longview, TX. Featuring D&D,
DCC, MCC, Call of Cthulu, & much more…

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We're the Longview based East Texas home of Role Playing Games (RPG).

Holiday Inn North 300 Tuttle Circle, Longview, TX 75605, USA

Thurs, Nov. 7 2024, 2 – 11:45
Fri, Nov. 8 2024, 9 – 11 
Sat, Nov. 9 2024, 9 – 11 
Sun, Nov. 10 2024, 9 – 6

Planned Games & Events

Dungeons and Dragons (any edition), Pathfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), X-Crawl, Star Wars RPG, Starfinder, HarnMaster, Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu and much more!

Ready To Register?

Single day pass: $20
Weekend pass: $50

The Venue

The Holiday Inn North will be hosting us this year. A restaurant and bar are onsite, with meal and drink specials for convention attendees. 

Call 1-903-663-6464 to book a room. Tell them it’s for The Long Con to make sure you get your special rate!

Please consider booking here, because the more rooms we book, the better rate (room and venue space) we get in the future. In turn, that comes back to you in SWAG!


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